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Different Types of Quartz

At Earthlight we have a particular interest in quartz and spend much time searching out the best pieces, most of which come from Brazil or Arkansas. Here follows a selection of some of the types we can supply:

Quartz Points / Wands

Quartz-WandQuartz Points / Wands are single terminated crystals and like all their group can amplify, balance, direct (if they are piezoelectric) and transmit energy. With a small collection of points you will be able to make grids and help to balance your own energies.

Laser Wands

laser-wandLaser Wands come only from an area of Brazil. They have something of a rustic appearance and are tapered towards the point, producing a very tightly focused energy beam that is said can slice straight through the human aura, so always handle them with great care and respect.

Double Terminated Crystals

Double terminated crystals form in such a way that they have a point at each end. Thus they are able to direct energy from both ends and therefore make excellent linking crystals. Some people use them to help deal with incompatible energies.

Clusters or Family Groups

quartz clusterClusters or Family Groups are groups of crystals that share the same base. They make ideal room pieces as they have a strong, harmonious aura.


Phantom QuartzIf you look inside this crystal, you will see within a ‘ghost’ or outline of the stone. These crystals make wonderful meditation aids and can help you understand past experiences. The phantom also amplifies the healing power of the crystal many fold.


ElestialElestials form in an unusual and specific way and can bring out deep and hidden depths within you. Use with care!

Record Keepers

Record Keepers have single or multiple raised triangles on one or more of the crystal’s faces. It is said the ancient civilizations encoded important information within these stones and marked them with a symbol – the triangle.

‘Take Out’ Crystals

‘Take Out’ Crystals have one face that is much larger than the others, forming a flat surface not unlike a flat spoon or scoop. In healing they are used to remove that which is unwanted.

Self-Healed Crystals

Self-Healed Crystals have a crack or break that has been healed by the stone forming tiny crystals to repair the rift, much like a scar. These stones therefore have personal experience of healing the Self and make good friends for anyone wanting to do the same.


Generators are often polished but sometimes natural with their bases cut flat to cause them to ‘stand up’. They are often used in the centre of healing grids and are powerful stones for focusing.

Dow, Channels and Transmitter Crystals

Dow, Channels and Transmitter Crystals are found in Generator form (as pictured on the left) or in single points or wands. Transmitter crystals are especially good at sending out energy, Channels specialise in receiving, and Dows are equally good for both.

crystal-ball-01Rainbow Crystals

Rainbow Crystals display the colours of the rainbow within their depths, this phenomenon being caused by water or flaws within the stone. They make good friends and can help to protect us, and to remind us that life can be beautiful.


Windows have a small diamond shaped face that may slope to the left or right. They are literally a window into our souls and as such must be used with respect. It is said that if the window slopes to the left, it can help with insights from the past including past lives. If to the right it can give information about our possible futures.

isisIsis Crystals

Isis Crystals have at least one face with a very specific shape. Sit in reverie with one of these friends and they can help you gather back to yourself those parts of your soul that leaked away or got left behind somewhere.

Devic Crystals

Devic crystals are usually very clear but have misted surfaces. It is said that faeries love these crystals and are attracted to them. If your intention is to work with the Faery Realm, remember one important rule – never break a promise made in that magical, sacred land!

Tabular or “Tabby” Quartz Crystals

Tabby QuartzTabular or “Tabby” Quartz Crystals grow in a flattened form and can be most helpful in dealing with severe emotional trauma, shock, panic or despair.

Carved & Cut Quartz

pyramidIn addition to the inherent properties of the stone, it will take on facets of the geometry of the shape it has been formed into. For example, a pyramid made of quartz will emit a highly focused spiral beam of energy. A sphere (often used for scrying) will emit a harmonious, gentle energy for the benefit of anyone within its auric field.

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